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Communicative Development of Concepts in Science Lectures

As part of a series of studies in which we investigate the integration of verbal and nonverbal aspects of communication into a dialectical meaning unit during science lectures, this study adapts the notions of catchments (i.e., repetitions of essential features of the gesture|speech dialectic) and growth points (i.e., moments in which ideas in the form of a gesture|speech dialectic are born) (McNeill, 2002) to analyze, from a communicative perspective, the articulation and development of scientific concepts in the course of several consecutive lessons dealing with circulatory system. The presence of catchments and the identification of growth points within and across lessons allow us to understand how scientific concepts are communicated (i.e., taught) during science lectures. The results of our analysis make evident the dialectical relations between the various different semiotic resources that are integrated into the communicative meaning unit, helping us elucidate, from a communicative perspective, teaching of scientific concepts as a process that unfolds through consecutive lectures.

Pozzer-Ardenghi, L., & Roth, W.-M. (manuscript submitted for publication). Communicative development of concepts in science lectures.

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