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Interpretive repertoires and identities of hight school students in talking about science related careers

Many researchers investigate high school students' career choices or study the difference gender makes in learning science and choosing science as a career. However, few investigations exist studying the ways in which high school students articulate their career choices generally and the way they ground (justify) these choices particularly. Justifications are done drawing on interpretive repertoires, that is, forms of talk that for the purposes of the conversation at hand taken are taken as uncontested. The purpose of this study is to identify these interpretative repertoires high school students draw on when asked about career choices and to articulate the relation between interpretative repertoires and students' identities in science-related careers. Interviews with thirteen high school students were video recorded each lasting about 40-60 minutes. To encourage students' engagement in thinking their possible career choices, we used cards mapping activity as an interview way to explore science-related career aspiration of high school students. Drawing on discourse analysis, we found that these high school students' career aspirations are not only stated explicitly but also delivered implicitly by different unquestioned repertoires. In the study, we identify three interpretative repertoires: (a) performative, (b) consequent and (c) potential. Each repertoire shows different ways of connecting students to science-related careers. Thus, through these interpretative repertoires, we better understand students' conceptions of science related careers and ways of connecting to science. This study also allows educators, researchers and teachers to think possible images of science communities established by teachers, schools, or public media in general, and to think of possible ways to introduce science-related careers to students specifically.

Hsu, P.-L., & Roth, W.-M. (manuscript in preparation).Interpretive repertoires and identities of hight school students in talking about science related careers.

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