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Bruno Jayme came from the Biology Department at UVic to join our group in July 2005. Bruno is from Brazil and is now working towards his M.A. at Chat@UVic. He is Bachelor and Licentiate in Biology (2000, UCG-GO, Brazil), with specialization in Environmental Education (2001, UCG-GO, Brazil). Bruno's research is related to the CRYSTAL project. Bruno is interested in understanding what and how students learn during field trips. He provides students with video cameras so they can record and produce their own videos about their field trips, which then become part of his research database. Personal Homepage
Dr. Michiel W. van Eijck came to Victoria from Holland to join Chat@UVic in March 2006. After his MSc. in Biology (Universiteit van Amsterdam), he graduated as a first-degree teacher in both Biology (Graduate School of Teaching and Learning, Amsterdam) and General Science (Onderwijscentrum, Free University of Amsterdam) and taught both topics at secondary level for six years (Joke Smit School and Ignatius Gymnasium, Amsterdam). Thereafter, he conducted a PhD study on the application of IT in biology education (AMSTEL Institute, Universiteit van Amsterdam). He is interested in both the teaching on the nature of science and the use of IT in science education. His post-doctoral research will focus on these issues in the context of scientific literacy and will be conducted as part of the CRYSTAL project. Personal Homepage
Dr. Ian Stith came from Philadelphia (PA, USA) on September 2005 to work on his PhD in Education Studies at Chat@UVic as part of the CRYSTAL project. Ian's background is in science and math urban education and teacher education. Ian's research focuses on cogenerative dialogues, and it is particularly concerned with ethics and responsibility issues related to the praxis of cogenerative dialogues. Ian is also interested in the integration of engineering, math, science, and technology for High School students.

Dr. Giuliano Reis joined the group in March, 2004, coming from Brazil to do his PhD with Dr. Roth, at Chat@UVic. Giuliano is Bachelor in Biology (1997, UnB, Brazil), Licentiate in Biological Sciences (1999, UnB, Brazil), Master of Arts in Education (2003, UnB, Brazil), and Ph.D. (2007, UVic, Canada). Giuliano's doctoral research focused on Environmental Education. Currently, Giuliano holds a position at the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is interested in Science Popularization, Scientific Literacy, and science in mass media. Personal Homepage

Dr. Lilian Pozzer-Ardenghi joined the group in April 2001 as a Master of Arts student, working with Inscriptions, particularly Photographs in School Science. Lilian is Licentiate in Biological Sciences (2000, UFSM, Brazil), Master of Arts (2003, UVic, Canada), and Ph.D. (2007, UVic, Canada). During her Ph.D., Lilian worked with gestures and other nonverbal aspects of communication during science teaching. Currently, Lilian holds a 24-month SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (2008-2010) to conduct research at McGill University, focusing on multicultural science classroom interactions and students' identity development. Personal Homepage

Dr. Peilan Chen joined Chat@UVic for a year, from June 2006-2007, as part of her PhD program (CCU, Taiwan). Peilan's background is in children's reading comprehension and cognition. She is also interested in children's cognitive phenomenology of questioning on reading graphics (inscriptions).

Diego Machado Ardenghi is a Dental Surgeon (2003, UFSM, Brazil), and he first participated in the group as a research assistant (October, 2003 to September, 2004). At Chat@UVic, Diego completed his Master of Arts in Education program, investigating, from an activity theoretical perspective, the transitions between school and workplace, with special interest in the topic of Dental education, as well as dentist-patient relationship. Nowadays, Diego is attending a PhD program at the Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University, in Montreal, QC. His interests include ethics, dentist-patient relations, and access to dental care. Homepage

Dr. Mijung Kim joined chat@UVic in January 2006 as a post-doctoral fellow, where she worked with embodied cognition and children's learning. During her Master's and PhD programs at University of Alberta, Canada (2000-2006), she worked on the issues of scientific literacy and STSE (Science, Technology, Society, and the Environment) curriculum in contemporary science teaching. Currently, Dr. Kim is a post-doctoral researcher at the Center for BK 21 Science Education for the Next Society (SENS) at Seoul National University.

Leanna Boyer joined Chat@UVic as a research assistant in 2004. Soon after, she enrolled in her Master of Arts Interdisciplinary Program, which she concluded on March 2006. Leanna's research focused on social change and learning throughout eelgrass mapping communities.

Dr. YewJin Lee earned his PhD degree at UVic, as part of Chat@UVic research group. From September 2002 to August 2005, Dr. Lee developed his research on Knowledge transfer, Technology Studies, and Ethnographic work concerning Salmonid Enhancement in BC. Nowadays, Dr. Lee is back in Singapore, where he is a professor at Nanyang Technological University. Dr. Lee is currently pursuing two main strands of research: The learning sciences and science education. He continues his PhD studies about people learning in the workplace, microgenetic analysis of interactions and identities, and Knowledge Building among primary schoolchildren. Other interests include analyses of curricular reforms using a variety of stances, inquiry science, and development aid work in the region. Recently, he was in New York city on a Fulbright academic exchange to learn about cogenerative dialogs in urban classrooms with Prof Ken Tobin's research team.

Dr. Jin Yoon is a PhD in Science Education (2001, Seoul National University, Korea). Dr. Yoon joined Chat@UVic in August 2004, participating in the group as a post-doctoral fellow for a year. Dr. Yoon gave continuation to the investigations on graphs and graphicacy that Dr. Roth has been developing. Currently, Dr. Yoon is back in South Korea, where she had participated in policy research for science education enhancement supported by the Korean government, also having been in charge of two research projects about science career education funded by the Korea Research Foundation.

Dr. SungWon Hwang is a PhD in Science Education of Physics major (Seoul National University, Korea, 2002). She first joined Chat@UVic as a post-doctoral fellow from January 2003 to August 2004. Her research themes range over phenomenological and dialectical perspectives on human practice, learning, and identity in science and technological activities, recently in the context of multicultural and multilingual environments (Learning in Unfamiliar Environments). in 2007, she is back at Chat@UVic , as a postdoctorate fellow. She conducts interdisciplinary research projects that articulate dialectic frameworks of learning and identity in the context of science and mathematics. She studied science education in Korea and migrated to adopting a range of philosophical, psychological, and sociological theories for the conceptualization of scientific practice from phenomenological and cultural perspectives.

Dr. Jae Young Han worked at Chat@UVic as a post-doctoral fellow, working with inscriptions, particularly layered inscriptions on science textbooks. Dr. Han holds a PhD in Chemistry Education (Seoul National University, Korea, 2003). Nowadays, Dr. Jae Young Han works for Chungbuk National University, working with Chemistry Education research.


Dr. Michael Hoffmann came from Germany to participate at Chat@UVic as a post-doctoral fellow, from February to August, 2004. He has a PhD in Philosophy (University Munich, Germany, 1996). During his post doctorate program, he studied mainly forms of knowledge necessary for managing the boundaries between different educational settings and workplace. Currently, Dr. Hoffmann is professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA.

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Dr. Maria Ines Mafra Goulart participated at Chat@UVic from November 2003, to August 2004, as part of her split PhD program (UFMG, Brazil). Dr. Goulart has a degree in Psychology (PUC-MG, Brazil, 1978), and she is PhD in Education (UFMG, Brazil, 2005). She worked with science for kindergarten children, focusing particularly on learning as changing participation, from an activity theoretical and dialectical perspective. Dr. Goulart is back in Brazil, where she is a professor at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais.

Dr. Damien Givry joined Chat@UVic as a post-doctoral fellow from February to June, 2004, during which time he studied gestures, particularly including the context as undissociated from speech and gestures in the unity of analysis. Dr. Givry has a PhD in Education (University of Lyon, France, 2003). Currently, he is in France.

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