Cultural Historical Approach to Thinking
at the University of Victoria


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Some of the research topics atChat@UVic include:

Cultural Studies of Practice/ Workplace:

Dentistry Practice;
Eelgress Mapping;
Salmon Hatchery in British Columbia

Scientific and Technological Literacy:

Internship in Science Laboratories;
Cogenerative Dialogues

Gestures/ Nonverbal Communication:

Gestures and Nonverbal Communication in Science Classrooms;
Gestures and Nonverbal Communication in Elementary Mathematics

Inscriptions/ Graphicacy:

Photographs in Textbooks and Classrooms;
Multiple Inscriptions in Textbooks;
Graphs and Graphicacy

Dialectics & Identity:

Learning as Changing Participation;
Semiotic and Dialectical Approaches to Knowledge;
Learning in Unfamiliar Environments;
Identity in Science & Mathematics

Environmental Education

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