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Research on Environmental Education

In this research, we investigate environmental education programs in school and out of school settings, and concepts related to environmental education presented in the media and in textbooks. Using discourse analysis, we characterize the ways in which recurrent ideas in environmental education are accounted for in textbooks. See abstract here We also analyze what and how students talk about field trips, using activity theory and discourse analysis as theoretical and methodological tools, aiming at articulating curricular and instructional changes to help those involved in environmental activities outside school to benefit more from their co-participation in such activities. See abstract here From the same database, we analyze the students' participation in field trips and argue for the importance of uncertainty and unpredictability to develop critical thinking opportunities for students. See abstract here Moreover, we also focus on the environmental program designers' discourse, identifying discursive repertoires that help us understand the culture of environmental curriculum design. See abstract here Ultimately, through analyzing what is being said and taught, we intend to contribute to the organization of curricula in a way that helps students to develop environmental literacy towards taking environmental-socially relevant actions. See pictures here

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