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Sustainability, sustainable development and/in textbooks in higher education.

Considered important resources in students' learning, textbooks legitimate both teaching and teacher's authority in the classroom. Therefore, valid characterization of these materials is essential due to their potential to support worthwhile ideas and help in building teachers' and students' knowledge. In the present study, discourse analysis is used to characterize the ways in which two recurrent ideas in environmental education- sustainable development and sustainability- are accounted for in textbooks. Our results show that these terms do not occur simultaneously as frequent as one would expect. This also means that their similarities and differences (connections) are still to be addressed in a more extensive fashion. Besides, more criticism appears to be done in regards of the word sustainability, and the idea of sustainable development is associated more frequently to the use of vague words. Nonetheless, loaded words and sentences are present in almost any situation examined. Finally, we articulate the importance of our findings to discuss a more complete appreciation of the possibilities for concretely realizing the two ideas in the classroom context.

Reis, G., & Roth, W.-M. (manuscript submitted for publication). Sustainability, sustainable development and/in textbooks in higher education.

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