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"Humm...[I don't know?]":The empowering uncertainty of science in the field.

If pupils are to genuinely understand scientific practice, they should be presented with opportunities for uncertainty to take place´┐Żand both the activities and verbal interactions they engage in during field trips are good venues for these opportunities to emerge. Drawing on activity theory and discourse analysis, this paper articulates instructional changes to help those involved in environmental activities outside school to benefit more from their participation in such actions. We conclude that experiential situations are not a simply matter of right or wrong answers but rather of the quality of situations made available. Congruently, we reinforce the importance of getting students thinking critically about their role in the environment, the existing science-environment association, and also about the objective of the activities they take part of, bringing to bear the meaningfullness of what they do in and outside formal settings.

Reis, G., Jayme, B., & Roth, W.-M. (manuscript submitted for publication). "Humm...[I don't know?]": The empowering uncertainty of science in the field.

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