Fascinating Facts About China


Welcome to Fascinating Facts About China. You can find out about the Abacus, Chinese Inventions, Chinese New Year, or the Harvest Moon Festival by clicking on the titles below.


This is a home page for an information package on China. It is intended for use by teachers as a resource for teaching a unit on China. It is just a starting point with some ideas about how to integrate math, science, and social studies with this theme. We have tried to provide links to other sources that we feel would be useful to teachers in planning their units. Please feel free to e-mail us at the addresses below with comments or if you find some other information that would link well with what we have created here.

The Abacus

by: Mindy Vousden

Amazing Chinese Accomplishments

by: Olaf Korb

Chinese New Year

by: Sylvia Chong

Harvest Moon Festival

by: Eileen Blain

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