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This page is designed to be used by educators teaching Intermediate Level Mathematics. The British Columbia Integrated Resource Package for Grade 8 Mathematics was used as a guideline in constructing and developing this site.

"Oh!!, not Mathematics. Grrr!", the students said.

How many teachers struggle with those infamous 'I dislike math students'? I was one of those students. I've been there. It is my purpose in designing this page to provide intermediate teachers with helpful hints, links and guidelines for teachers educating students about LIGHTNING and MATHEMATICS.

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Did you know...?


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Let's start. What can we do?
My page provides you with a starting point for educating your students about the Mathematics of lightning and gives you direct access to a variety of links and resources.

Who knows what about Mathematics?
Who knows what about lightning?
Are you trying to tell me the two are related?

You CAN answer your students questions after viewing my web page, visiting the external/internal links and reviewing some general facts and information.

Some facts and figures to get you started and familar with how math and lightning are related...


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Of course, if you'd like to know more. Ask Jack from USA Today about lightning, or browse his responses to others' questions...

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For information on how and why this site was created...


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