Congratulations, you have made it to our web page dealing with our favourite subject,volcanoes, and their relevance to Social Studies. Volcanoes are not an isolated geographic phenomenon. In fact, they can be found in various forms and at numerous locations around the globe. It is important for us to be aware of these spectacular formations as they have the potential to affect our lives with a single shattering eruption. Such an incident hit close to home for Victorians with the events at Mt. Saint Helen's in 1980.

At our science links page you have the opportunity to learn about the properties and characteristics of volcanoes. While on our mathematics links page you have the chance to take part in mathematics quizzes that are related to the awesome power of volcanoes. On this page we are offering the provision for students to explore the natural world of volcanoes including maps, descriptions and images of volcano sites around our planet.

The netscape icon of the navigation wheel denotes some of the external URL sites that are worth exploring including pictures of active volcanoes and current updates on recent volcanic activity, a newsworthy note for those people who live in potential trouble sites. To alleviate those people and for others who just enjoy a good laugh there is a site to catch up on some funny perspectives of these natural wonders at the volcanic humour source. The Volcanic and Geologic Terms page is provided to allow for a quick check of volcanic terms. Specific terms in the text of these socials and volcanoes pages have also been highlighted for quick reference to the terms page for definition. Since it is an external link, the Terms page does not contain a return link to this site or our individual pages. Therefore, use the Back button at the top of the page to resume your exploration of our site.

In addition to these sites we have developed some of our own internal links for teachers and students to explore (indicated by the fireball icon). Learn about the existence of these phenomena outside our planet at the Volcanoes outside Earth site. Test yourself and your Social Studies knowledge relating to volcanoes at our sites quiz. When you have finished there check the answer key to find your volcanic rating. Also as a resource feel free to visit and download a lesson from our lesson plan site.

Images of active Volcanoes

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Volcanic Humour

Volcanoes outside Earth

Update on Current Volcanic Activity

Lesson Plan for Social Studies

Volcanic and Geologic Terms

Volcanoes around the world

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