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.FQS: Forum Qualitative Social Research

2 book series: .SENSE: science & math
.SENSE: culture & history

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Wolff-Michael Roth
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University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
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Wolff-Michael Roth and Jacques Désautels (eds), Science Education as/for Sociopolitical Action (New York: Peter Lang, 2002).

(ISBN: 0-8204-5696-9 pbk)

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The purpose of this book is to show a different science education in action or propose ways in which it can be reconceived so that it becomes a vehicle for sociopolitical action. As sociopolitical action, science education achieves setting a context for learning similar to the two points outlined above. First, it is highly purposeful in that learners enact practices to bring about change in their community. Second, there are different ways of conceiving of science "content," namely in terms of the ways science is enmeshed with all other forms of everyday knowledge.

The book engages the reader in rethinking the epistemology underlying current science education and provides several case studies in which science education is practices differently than we can find it in schools. The book chapters encourage the reader to rethink their own practices and provide images of how the new science education may look like.

Contributing Authors: Wolff-Michael Roth, Jacques Désautels, Angie Calabrese Barton, Margery Osborne, Edgar Jenkins, Glen Aikenhead, Roger Cross, Ronald Price, Ken Tobin, Margaret Eisenhart, Nancy Lawrence, Stuart Lee, Marie Larochelle, Michael Bowen, Stephen Fleury, Jim Garrison.

update: 09-AUG-17


new work (2012-15)

- "symmetrical ZPD"
- "Becoming and belonging"
- "Limits to generalizing"
- Limits to general expertise
- Experiencing (pereživanie) as developmental category
- On variability in data
- The Emerging Presence
- Vygotsky, Bakhtin, Vološinov
- Theory-practice at work
- Fuzzy Logic
- Theory of Experience
- Online media learning
- Birth of intentions
- Event-in-the-making*
- Post-constructivist ethics
- Pregnance of bodily movement
- Health—personalized science
- Sociocultural perspectives
- Lectures then and now
- Situated cognition
- "I am a Pibidiana"
- Translation—the possible impossible
- Societal mediation of mathematical cognition
- Origin of signs
- Development of concepts
- ZPD symmetrically

making trouble

- "Meaning means nothing"
- What more?
- More reflexivity
- «Mosh»
- Science hegemony
- On editing . . .
- Ethics as social practice
- Political ethics, unethical politics
- Vagaries and politics of funding 1
- Vagaries and politics of funding 2
- Editorial power/authorial suffering


- Radical passivity
- On responsibility . . .
- Identity & Community
- Mêlée & literacy
- Dynamic of life
- Solidarity
- Education and diversity of life
- Living/Lived Math
- Representing mathematical performance
- Indeterminate evolutionary change of language
- Psychology from 1st principles

Science studies
- Struggle over water 2
- Struggle over water 1
- Science and the good citizen
Scientific literacy
- Allgemeinbildung: Readiness for living in risk society
- Citizenship and science education
Gesture studies
- Gestures: The leading edge of literacy...
Workplace math
- The meaning of meaning...
- The emergence of graphing...