Wolff-Michael Roth
  Lansdowne Professor, Applied Cognitive Science, University of Victoria
  Griffith Institute of Educational Research, Griffith University




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.FQS: Forum Qualitative Social Research

2 book series: .SENSE: science & math
.SENSE: culture & history

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Wolff-Michael Roth
MacLaurin Building A567
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2


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preprints and drafts
update: 02-25-2002


(Unedited versions. Please refer to papers in print when citing, or ask for express permission to cite.)

Roth, W.-M. (2002). Evaluation and adjudication of research proposals: Vagaries and politics of funding [90 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research [On-line Journal], 3(4).   [pdf]

Roth, W.-M., Tobin, K., & Zimmermann, A. (2002). Coteaching: Learning environments research as aspect of classroom praxis. Learning Environments Research, 5 (1), x-xx.  [pdf]

Roth, W.-M. (in press). Editorial power/authorial suffering. Research in Science Edcation. [pdf]

Roth, W.-M. (in press). Learning science in/for the community. Enseñanza de las Ciencias. [pdf]

Roth, W.-M. (in press). Scientific literacy as an emergent feature of human practice. Journal of Curriculum Studies. [pdf]

Roth, W.-M. (in press). From action to discourse: the bridging function of gestures. Journal of Cognitive Systems Research. [pdf]

Roth, W.-M. (in press).Phenomenology and mathematical experience. Linguistics & Education. [pdf] (Now published as: Roth, W.-M. (2001). Phenomenology and mathematical experience. Linguistics & Education, 12(2), 239-252.)

Roth, W.-M., & Tobin, K. (2000). Learning to teach science as praxis. [pdf] (Revised version published as: Roth, W.-M., & Tobin, K. (2001). Learning to teach science as praxis. Teaching and Teacher Education, 17(7), 741-762.)

Roth, W.-M., & Lawless, D. V. (in press). Science, culture, and the emergence of language. Science Education. [pdf]

Roth, W.-M., Lawless, D. V., & Tobin, K. (in press). Toward a praxeology of teaching. Canadian Journal of Education. [pdf] (Now published as: Roth, W.-M., Lawless, D., & Tobin, K. (2000). Time to teach: Towards a praxeology of teaching. Canadian Journal of Education, 25, 1-15.)

Roth, W.-M., & Harama, H. (in press). (Standard) English as Second Language: Tribulations of Self. Journal of Curriculum Studies. [pdf] (Now published as: Roth, W.-M., & Harama, H. (2000). (Standard) English as second language: Tribulations of self. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 32, 757-775.)

Roth, W.-M. (in press). Graphing Henderson Creek: A case of relations in sociomaterial practice. To appear in S. Strauss (Ed.), The development of notational representations. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [pdf]

Roth, W.-M. (1999). The evolution of umwelt and communication. Cybernetics & Human Knowing, 6(4), ooo-ooo. [penutlimate version]

update: 17-MAY-14


new work (2012-14)

- Experiencing (pereživanie) as developmental category
- On variability in data
- The Emerging Presence
- Vygotsky, Bakhtin, Vološinov
- Theory-practice at work
- Fuzzy Logic
- Theory of Experience
- Online media learning
- Birth of intentions
- Event-in-the-making*
- Post-constructivist ethics
- Pregnance of bodily movement
- Health—personalized science
- Sociocultural perspectives
- Lectures then and now
- Situated cognition
- "I am a Pibidiana"
- Translation—the possible impossible
- Societal mediation of mathematical cognition
- Origin of signs
- Development of concepts
- ZPD symmetrically

making trouble

- What more?
- More reflexivity
- «Mosh»
- Science hegemony
- On editing . . .
- Ethics as social practice
- Political ethics, unethical politics
- Vagaries and politics of funding 1
- Vagaries and politics of funding 2
- Editorial power/authorial suffering


- Radical passivity
- On responsibility . . .
- Identity & Community
- Mêlée & literacy
- Dynamic of life
- Solidarity
- Education and diversity of life
- Living/Lived Math
- Representing mathematical performance
- Indeterminate evolutionary change of language
- Psychology from 1st principles

Science studies
- Struggle over water 2
- Struggle over water 1
- Science and the good citizen
Scientific literacy
- Allgemeinbildung: Readiness for living in risk society
- Citizenship and science education
Gesture studies
- Gestures: The leading edge of literacy...
Workplace math
- The meaning of meaning...
- The emergence of graphing...