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Read Circe

Bloom and Stephen, accompanied by Lynch, have made their way to Nighttown, the red-light district of Dublin. The hour is late – approximately midnight – and the whores are plying their trade in full voice. Bloom buys a sheep’s trotter and a crubeen (pig’s foot) from a butcher’s shop and is nearly run over by a tram in the street. The bulk of the chapter is taken up with Bloom’s visions, in which he is repeatedly and alternatingly put on trial for obscene thoughts and deeds, and celebrated as a hero – perhaps even the messiah himself. Bloom’s deepest desires and kinks are explored here, Read more

Master Class on The Digital Ulysses with Hans Walter Gabler

Offered for credit as English 561 at UVic, this course is also open to any interested scholars, students, or lay-persons. Contact Stephen Ross at for more information.

The course can be — ideally is — coupled with the Digital Humanities Summer Institute course on “Versioning and Collation in Digital Environments” (seminar #18) Read more

Sam Slote’s “Between Commentary and Eternity”