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An End of All Explanations: Visualizing and Interpreting Lewis’s Revisions to Part IV, Chapter 9 of Tarr

In my last post, I described a working hypothesis about Wyndham Lewis’s revisions to Tarr: that in producing the 1928 version, he was principally interested in adding voices to the earlier 1918 version, particularly through the addition of FID.

I decided to test this hypothesis by looking at one of the more disturbing chapters in Tarr. Chapter 9 (Chapter 8 in the 1918) of Part IV begins in Kreisler’s apartment following the rape of Bertha. It begins by narrating the aftermath of the rape, and as the chapter progresses it narrates retrospectively the rape itself. Already in the 1918 edition, this chapter is told primarily from Bertha’s perspective. But I was interested to see if the 1928 gave more of her perspective—particularly to see whether Lewis increased his use of FID to render her thoughts. Read more

The Long Now of Ulysses: Curating Literature after the Internet

From the Gisèle Freund Collection, University of Victoria Special Collections in the McPherson Library.
From the Gisèle Freund Collection, University of Victoria Special Collections in the McPherson Library.

This spring and summer, Leopold and Molly Bloom, Stephen Dedalus, Buck Mulligan, Blazes Boylan and the whole Ulysses entourage will be featured in student-curated exhibit called “The Long Now of Ulysses” in the Maltwood Gallery of the McPherson Library at the University of Victoria. The exhibit has been driven by the belief that Ulysses is finally a novel of the everyday. It is co-curated by the graduate students of Jentery Sayers’ “Introduction to Digital Humanities” and Stephen Ross’ “The Modernist Novel” courses in the English department at the University of Victoria, with support from the Maker Lab in the Humanities at UVic. The students developed the exhibit methodologies, selected content, and produced rationales, while the faculty handled logistics and provided guidance. Read more

modVers: Lessons Learned from Building

I’m currently wrapping up a first round of work on a tool—currently being referred to as modVers—that creates an HTML interface for versioned texts encoded with TEI. To allow for flexible use, the tool is implemented as a jQuery plugin—a working prototype is available on GitHub, and there’s technical documentation there as well. Comments and questions to are always appreciated.

This point in the development process seemed like a good time to think about some broad lessons learned and future directions for work.

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Paul Fagan to Moderate Fourteenth YoU Twitter Chat

On Friday, April 12 at 5 pm GMT+1 / 12 pm EDT / 9 am PST, Paul Fagan will moderate the MVP’s fourteenth YoU Twitter chat, focussing specifically on “Eumaeus.” The hashtag for the Twitter chat is #yearofulysses. Read more