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Dr. Matt Huculak’s Guide to the Professions of Ulysses; or What to Read on Bloomsday

Not sure what part of James Joyce’s epic you should read on Bloomsday? Why not read a section based on your work? Here is Dr. Huculak’s Guide to the Professions of Ulysses. (Don’t see your profession? Email me, and I’ll choose something for you).


People in the know (pedants & twits) don’t call the parts of Ulysses “chapters.” We call them “episodes,” but I’m going to use the terms interchangeably below.

Episode 1. Telemachus: Graduate Students & Dairy Farmers 

A bunch of poor students wake up, eat breakfast, and try to find money to pay the milk lady. A great choice for those of you with housemates who eat your food in the fridge and routinely wake you up because they’ve locked themselves out of the flat.

Episode 2. Nestor: Historians, Teachers, Schoolboys, and Parents of Ugly Children Read more

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