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Contact: Dr. J. Matthew Huculak, Project Director


Feburary 11, 2017

The Modernist Versions Project was founded as a three-year (2012-2015) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Partnership Development Grant. The initial goal of the project was to “to produce an online open-access and open-source platform for the digitization, mark-up and manipulation, comparison, collation, annotation, and publication of modernist texts that exist in more than one version.” Over the course of three years, the project built international partnerships, supported the digital economy by producing tools and texts unique to the Canadian context, and provided support for a number of other initiatives, including (but not limited to): 

  • Provided The Maker Lab with start-up support
  • Aided the development of the Versioning Machine
  • Produced the Year of Ulysses with accompanying videos for teaching & learning
  • Created a number of digital editions made freely available online
  • Production of the TEI edition of Nostromo (by Katie Tanigawa)
  • Supported a humanities Big Data study with Compute Canada (see the Networked Mrs. Dalloway blog posts)
  • Partnered with INKE to develop the Z-Axis project
  • Developed, in partnership with Open Campus, Modernist Studies Association, and Douglas College the Open Modernisms Coursepack Builder
  • Supported development (infrastructure) Linked Modernisms
  • Produced a number of exhibitions and James Joyce celebrations in conjunction with the University of Victoria Libraries
  • Developed and taught DHSI courses on versioning and digital editing
  • Contributed text to Amanda Visconti’s Infinite Ulysses
  • Presented work for a number of international conference presentations
  • Published a series of peer-reviewed articles (see our 6 month checkup)
  • Made available the complete pirated editions of Ulysses along with the original 1922 publication (with Hans Walter Gabler)  
  • Made available the edited edition of Laura Goodman Salverson’s The Dove, introduced by Carl Watts (2015)

Thank you for your support. If you have more texts you would like to contribute, please let us know. 

About the MVP (original text)

About the MVPThe Modernist Versions Project (MVP) aims to advance the potential for comparative interpretations of modernist texts that exist in multiple forms by digitizing, collating, versioning, and visualizing them individually and in combination. Its primary mission is to enable new critical insights that are difficult without digital or computational approaches.

Working with established Digital Humanities (DH) research teams both within and beyond Canada, the MVP will establish a set of best practices and a shared workflow—as well as help build the necessary tools and resources—to allow scholars to digitize modernist texts, compare multiple versions, mark-up the variants to facilitate easy searching and comparison, and display the results in an agile and extensible way. The value of doing so emerges in two ways: first, because many modernist texts are now emerging from copyright in Canada (well ahead of their emergence in the United States), the MVP is positioned to make a significant contribution to modernist studies and edition production. We have an opportunity in this regard that is nearly unparalleled in the rest of the world. Second, the MVP will enable new critical insights and facilitate new modes of scholarly production by making modernist texts accessible and queryable.

While this work is in progress, you can follow MVP developments—and access texts it is digitizing and encoding—via this site.


Versions are the different forms texts assume as they move from manuscript to typescript, from serialization to first book edition, and across various book formats during their publication history.

Starting in June 2012, with the serial release of a digitized 1st edition of Ulysses, the MVP aims to spark a versioning culture in modernist studies by making available digitized texts that can be studied, searched, and compared.

You can see much of our students’ work at the Maker Lab in the Humanities.


The MVP is a wide-ranging collaborative endeavour that brings together researchers from across Canada and around the world to create a scholarly resource freely available in a sustainable, agile, and responsive form.

Our objectives are to:

Provide scholars of modernism with digital tools and resources to catalogue and explore textual variants among works that exist in multiple witnesses in an integrated, web-based environment.

Make the fruits of the research thus undertaken freely available to the larger scholarly community in a format that is easily searchable, manipulable, agile, and extensible to particular research questions and objectives.

Enable scholars using Digital Humanities methods to generate new critical and interpretive insights on the basis of these collations.

Ensure that all participants (scholars and students) involved with the MVP are given proper credit for their work according to the Collaborators’ Bill of Rights.

Ensure that both the process and the tools remain open-access and open-ended so that they can respond to new demands and new technologies as they emerge.

Create a pedagogical environment where students can learn textual editing and up-to-date digital technology skills to create their own critical editions of modernist texts.

Collaborate with other modernist projects online to create a federated “modernist database” of texts.

The MVP’s research is currently being supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Partnership Development Grant.

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