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Reading and Georeferencing Rhys

What underpins the data points in the z-axis maps?

Midway through reading Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight in Luxembourg Gardens I pause. I exhale. I look to the left to a bench where I sat with a friend the last time I was here. I envision the route we took winding out of the garden and onto the streets.

Midway through georeferencing Jean Rhys’s Good Morning, Midnight I pause. I stretch my arms and twist to the left and crack my back. I exhale. I open Google Maps in a new tab and search to verify the location of the street the protagonist and her stray companion drunkenly saunter down in need of a café. Read more

Moore in the Poetry Machine

I put Marianne Moore’s “Poetry” into modVers: I mashed enjambed lines into XML to render an elegant visualization. Daniel Carter’s current version of modVers arranges the variant parts of the poem into a tidy and navigable display as JavaScript and CSS proffer a pleasing aesthetic, encasing the text in neatly segmented and colour-coded witnesses for comparison and manipulation. The tool exhibits the poem with its iterations fanning out all at once. Selection of a single line bolds all comparable lines across texts, prompting a landscape-oriented reading of the versioned poem. The display accommodates simultaneously the 1919, 1924 and 1967 versions of “Poetry.” Viewing the three versions in tandem prompts a consideration of how this particular expression of the mutable text informs readings of the poem. With modVers, one can view and engage the poem as it diverges and dissolves across witnesses.

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