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The Versioning Machine for Audio: Introducing VM 5.0

Over the past year, the MVP team has been working on updates to the Versioning Machine. The Versioning Machine is a framework and an interface for displaying multiple versions of text encoded according to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines. While VM 4.0 had been updated to P5 compatibility, VM 5.0 is now HTML5 compatible too. The most significant outcome of this update is that the VM can now incorporate sound-based, image-based, and text-based versions as part of our understanding of the constellated “text” (in the Barthesian sense). VM 5.0 is still under development and will be released in the coming months with samples that demonstrate the new audio functionality. Tanya Clement, Martin Holmes and Susan Schreibman contributed to this writeup. Read more

modVers: Lessons Learned from Building

I’m currently wrapping up a first round of work on a tool—currently being referred to as modVers—that creates an HTML interface for versioned texts encoded with TEI. To allow for flexible use, the tool is implemented as a jQuery plugin—a working prototype is available on GitHub, and there’s technical documentation there as well. Comments and questions to are always appreciated.

This point in the development process seemed like a good time to think about some broad lessons learned and future directions for work.

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Interfacing Modernism

My name is Daniel Carter, and I’m a PhD student in Information Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m currently working with Dr. Tanya Clement on the Modernist Versions Project and wanted to write a quick introduction to the work we’re doing for the MVP.

My role in the MVP is currently to think about the design of tools used for collation and of the interfaces that are used to display versioned texts. My background is in Modernist literature (MA from The Ohio State University) and web development and design—so this is work that’s more than a little in line with my interests.

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