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Bloomsday 2016

Bloomsday 2015 Logo

On June 16, 2016, the public is invited to celebrate Bloomsday at 7pm at the James Joyce Bistro in downtown Victoria.

Each year,  people from around the world gather at local pubs and bookstores to celebrate “the life of Irish writer James Joyce during which the events of his novel Ulysses (which is set on 16 June 1904) are relived.”

This year, you can support your community and celebrate Bloomsday at the same time! Hoyne Brewery is donating the proceeds from its Short Fiction Contest & Hoyne beer sales at the James Joyce Bistro to Literacy Victoria. The evening will feature readings from the contestants of Hoyne Brewery‘s Short Fiction Contest, Irish songs, readings from James Joyce’s Ulysses, and FREE PRIZES for the best costume based on a character from the novel and best reading. Special Collections at the University of Victoria will host a pop-up exhibition of Joyce-related material in our library.


You can read all sorts of Joyce-related material, including Ulysses, here.

For more information, contact Matt Huculak:

Sponsored by: The James Joyce Bistro, Hoyne Brewery, The Department of English at the University of Victoria, and the University Library.

logo design by Sarah Grinday | @sarahgrindlay

What to read

I’ve put together a short guide to the professions of Ulysses.

Never read Ulysses before?  In short, the novel is a retelling of the old Odysseus myth (that guy who left his family to go fight in the Trojan war [Iliad] only to be waylaid on his way back home [Odyssey]) in 1904 Dublin. The character we celebrate on Bloomsday is Leopold Bloom, one of literature’s most honest, profound, and funny characters. His thoughts range from silly fart jokes to the cycles of birth and death. He shows up in the fourth chapter (or “episode”) of Joyce’s novel, so many people like to start Bloomsday readings there.

Matt Huculak

Postdoctoral Fellow, Digital Scholarship, University of Victoria Libraries; Co-Founder, Modernist Versions Project

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