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Bloomsday Photo Competition

Inspired by the iconic picture of Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses and in preparation for Bloomsday, the MVP initiated the Bloomsday Photo Competition on Facebook. Joyce fans from Canada and the States posted their own photography on the theme, “Reading Ulysses,” with participants reading on Skype, on a mountain top, and on the toilet! The winners were announced at the Year of Ulysses and MVP Launch on June 15. For most Facebook likes, the winner was David Oswald. For distance from Dublin and Victoria, the winner was Aguinaldo Severino. Thank you for all submissions!

Year of Ulysses

Below is the schedule of Chapter Releases, Lectures, and Twitter Chats (#yearofulysses) for Year of Ulysses 2012-13.

On the left, the watercolour of Joyce is by Robert Amos.

Chapter Releases: 2012-13

June 15: The Telemachiad + Front Matter
July 6: “Calypso”
July 27: “Lotus Eaters”
August 17: “Hades”
September 7: “Aeolus”
September 28: “Lestrygonians”
October 19: “Scylla and Charybdis”
November 9: “Wandering Rocks”
November 30: “Sirens”
January 11: “Cyclops”
February 1: “Nausicaa”
February 22: “Oxen of the Sun”
March 15: “Circe”
April 5: “Eumaeus”
April 26: “Ithaca”
May 17: “Penelope”
June 16: Celebrate Bloomsday with the complete Ulysses

Lectures (video): 2012-13

Twitter Chats: 2012-13 (follow #yearofulysses)

June 22 at 2pm EDT w/ Janine Utell, Widener University
July 13 at 1pm EDT w/ Chris Forster, Syracuse University
August 3 at 2pm EDT w/ Michael Stevens, University of Victoria
August 24 w/ Ronan Crowley, SUNY Buffalo
September 14 w/ Liam Lanigan, University College Dublin
October 5 w/ Matthew J. Kochis, University of Tulsa
October 26 w/ Laura Hensch
November 16 w/ Jeff Drouin, University of Tulsa
December 7 w/ James Clawson, Grambling State University
January 18 w/ James Gifford, Farleigh Dickinson University, Vancouver
February 8 w/ Matt Hayward, University of the South Pacific, Fiji
March 1 w/ Philip Keel Geheber, Trinity College Dublin
March 22 w/ Cleo Hanaway, University of Oxford
April 12 w/ Paul Fagan, University of Vienna
May 3 w/ Alison Lacivita, Trinity College Dublin
May 24 w/ Laura Hensch

Janine Utell to Moderate First YoU Twitter Chat

On Friday, June 22rd at 2 pm EST, Janine Utell will moderate the MVP’s first YoU Twitter chat, focusing specifically on the Telemachiad. The hashtag for the Twitter chat will be #yearofulysses.

Utell is an Associate Professor and Chair of English at Widener University in Pennsylvania, USA. She is the author of James Joyce and the Revolt of Love: Marriage, Adultery, Desire. Janine has worked as Bloomsday Coordinator at the Rosenbach Museum & Library and collaborated on the “Calypso” episode for the web comic and iPad app Ulysses “Seen”.

email: | twitter: @janineutell | website:

It’s all about YoU(lysses)

Ulysses CoverView the complete YoU schedule

The Modernist Versions Project’s Year of Ulysses (YoU) initiative will introduce James Joyce’s masterpiece to its widest audience ever, provoke people to read it, support them as they do so, and bring this novel of the everyday back into everyday life.

Thanks to the remarkable efforts of MVP associates Patrick Belk and Matthew Kochis (both at the University of Tulsa) as well as the generosity of the McFarlin Library, the MVP now owns high-quality scans of the first edition of Ulysses as it was published in February 1922 by Sylvia Beach’s famed Shakespeare & Company bookstore. In the spirit of the Liberate Ulysses movement and in honour of the 90th birthday of Joyce’s masterpiece, we are serially publishing these scans online—just as Ulysses was originally serialized in the pages of the Little Review—and providing a robust framework for (re-)discovering the novel.

The Year of Ulysses initiative involves not only the public release of these scans but also lectures, Twitter chats, an art competition, and various other events anchored in Joyce’s novel. Join us as we celebrate 90 years of Ulysses!

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