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Year of Ulysses International Art Competition Winner

The MVP is proud to announce the winner of our “Year of Ulysses International Art Competition.” Travis Williams, whose “Ulysses — The Human Bodyssey” “seeks to stand as a visual microcosm of Joyce’s masterpiece and to visually represent, as Joyce brilliantly achieved in Ulysses, the unions of world and word, science and art, the body and language, and ultimately, the flesh and the spirit.”  Travis receives a $500 cash prize. Read more

MVP Makes Modernism New (Again)

The MVP is currently featured in The Ring, the University of Victoria’s news source. Written by Tara Sharpe, the feature is titled, “MVP Makes Modernism New (Again),” and includes commentary by MVP board members, Stephen Ross and Jentery Sayers.

Read the piece.

Check Out the MVP in Monday Magazine

In the middle of this page, Monday Magazine’s Danielle Pope writes: “Speaking of UVic, devout fans of James Joyce will be thrilled to know June 16 marks the infamous anniversary of the day spent in one of the most notable tomes of our time: Ulysses. And now is the perfect time to dive right in, especially if you’re a Twitter lover.” Read the balance of the piece.

YoU Featured in Inside Higher Ed

On June 21st, Lee Skallerup Bessette covered Year of Ulysses (YoU) in Inside Higher Ed. At the end of her YoU piece, she writes:

“I’m writing about this project here, not just because it involves EMiC (which I am a part of), but also because I think it is important that this initiative be promoted as widely as possible. This, to me, is one of the biggest potential benefits (for lack of a better word) of digital humanities: the potential to bring the academics and the general public together is a collaborative way. While I was at Congress, I continually heard about how humanists need to engage more with the public, but was then dismayed by the relative media silence about YoU. Maybe because it’s the summer, when we all scatter to the wind, maybe it’s because it’s being done in Canada, thus off the larger higher education (or even mainstream media radar). Either way, I know that I will finally attempt Ulysses and participate in this absolutely fascinating experiment and experience.”

Read the entire piece, which also features Stephen Ross’s commentary on the YoU initiative.

Year of Ulysses Interview on CFUV!

Campus radio, CFUV, at the University of Victoria will be broadcasting interviews with Stephen Ross and Jentery Sayers on Monday, July 2nd, from 1:30 to 2 pm on CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria. You can listen online at, where there’s a ‘listen now’ link. Alternatively, if you are not able to listen to the broadcast, the show will be podcasted and should appear on CFUV’s podcast list ( within the week.

Hear us talk about the Year of Ulysses and the Modernist Versions Project!

Special thanks to Michelle Macklem, who produced the show.