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Extracts from Press Notices from Ulysses

Extracts from Press Notices from Ulysses (Leveridge & Co., Harlesden, 1922 or 1934)PDF

Uploaded: 10 March 2014


MISS DJUNA BARNES in VANITY FAIR (New York): Began life as a singer, but because no voice can hold out over the brutalities of life without breaking, turned to quill and paper, for so he could arrange, in the necessary  silence, the abundant inadequacies of life, as a laying-out of jewels. . . . Has been called eccentric, mad, incoherent, unintelligible, futuristic. One wonders why, thinking what a fine lyric beginning that great Rabelaisian flower Ulysses had, with impartial addenda for foliage—the thin sweet lyricism of Chamber Music, the casual inevitability of Dubliners, the passion and prayer of Stephen Dedalus. . .One wonders if at last Ireland has created her man.

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