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Kochis and “Lestrygonians”

In preparation for the upcoming Twitter chat on “Lestrygonians,” moderator Matthew J. Kochis (@mjkochis) has kindly provided a few discussion questions in advance.
  • In this episode, we see a return to a specific style dominant in the first 6 episodes. Why have this following a more experimental episode, like “Aeolus”?
  • “Hades,” “Aeolus,” and “Lestrygonians” all seem to reflect a drifting in and out of Bloom’s consciousness. What is the purpose of this? 
  • In this episode, prison and soup kitchens are ways where the institution is revealed as both unstable and unwanted. Welfare is undesired whereas poverty and hunger is preferable to accepting charity. This begs the question,what are the expectations of the citizens toward the state?
Be sure to join in this Friday, October 5 at 1 pm EDT / 10 am PDT, and don’t forget the #yearofulysses hashtag!

Amanda Hansen

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