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The Tunnel

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Dorothy Richardson

The Tunnel 
First published:  1919
MVP edition: 2015

The Modernist Versions Project is pleased to make available reading versions of Dorothy Richardson’s The Tunnel. A hand-corrected .txt file has been provided for digital scholarship/textual analysis.

“Dorothy Richardson is an absolutely foundational figure of literary modernism in English. Contrary to the heroic model of the “men of 1914” postulated by one of those men himself, Wyndham Lewis, Richardson in fact pioneered some of the experiments in narrative that would become hallmarks of modernism across the board. Only Marcel Proust, whose A la recherche du temps perdu provides a fine parallel to Richardson’s achievement, attempted something similar so early in the century. A case in point is her exploration of stream of consciousness as early as 1914, long before James Joyce and Virginia Woolf began to use it. Richardson explicitly sought “a feminine equivalent of the current masculine realism,” and did so both through avant-garde techniques and by concentrating her narrative closely upon a single young woman growing up around the fin-de-siècle. It seems safe to say that without Richardson — whom Woolf, Joyce, May Sinclair, Katherine Mansfield, and indeed Everyone Who Was Anyone read — not only modernism itself but contemporary theories of language and gender would have lacked a key innovator and, perhaps, withered on the vine altogether.” – Stephen Ross




epub (248kb) pdf (1.3mb) txt (539kb)

For classroom editions (edited and introduced by Stephen Ross and Tara Thomson), please contact Broadview Press.