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Two Worlds Monthly (Volume 1, Number 4) October 1926

James Joyce John Synge Norman Douglas Samuel Roth Stephen Crane Ulysses W. H. Davies


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Two Worlds Monthly Volume 1, Number 4 (New York: Two Worlds Publishing Company)
First Published: October 1926

Table of ContentsTXT

S. Esenin, “The Bitch”
Giovanni Verga, “The She-Wolf”
Joseph Hergesheimer, “The Little Kanaka”
Ron Finkle, “A Group of Poems”
Irma Goeringer, “Love”
Paul Reboux, “Negress”
John Synge, “On An Island”
T. F. Powys, “Mr. Handy’s Wife”
Martin Armstrong, “The Mysterious Case of Mr. Perkins and Mr. Johnson”
M. L. Skinner, “The Hand”
John W. Coulter, “Boy at a Prayer-Meeting”
Norman Douglas, “A Fragment”
J. A. Brendon, “Twelve Great Passions: Nair Shah and the Sitara the Hindu Slave-Girl
Stephen Crane, “Maggie, A Girl of the Streets”
W. H. Davies, “The Day She Seized”
James Joyce, “Ulysses: Part Three (continued)”
Samuel Roth, “Kaddish”

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