Data Mining

Group Project - Presentation

How many points is it worth? Together with your final report, it's worth 60% of your project grade (or 15% of your final grade).

How will presentations happen? Presentations will be given in the classroom in the last 2 days of class.

When will presentations happen? Presentations will take place on the last 2 days of class. Specifically, presentations will happen from 2:30pm - 3:50pm on Tuesday, November 28th and Friday, December 1st.

Who presents on which day? This will be decided slightly before the first presentation day. So, all groups should plan to be ready to present on November 28th.

How long are presentations (and other details)?

Who should attend the presentations? I expect everyone to attend the presentations for both days.

Some advice on how to give a good presentation

I recommend starting with some motivation to get people interested in the problem, giving a description of your problem after that, and then mentioning (at a high level) some of the conclusions of your work (so that you hit the audience with what you actually did early on). This would bring you up to the first three slides or so. Then after that, I suggest launching into your approach, the experiments you ran, the results you obtained, and perhaps some final discussion at the end.

A presentation is a less formal version of a paper; you try to focus only on the important details so that the audience can follow you, whereas the paper might do everything in full technical detail (and the reader has the luxury of going at their own pace). Good presentations should have lots of figures. For any slide, think about whether something can be conveyed visually.