2023 Presenter Info

Update April 11, 2023: The Schedule for NOWCAM 2023 will be posted in the next few days 



Posters:  We recommend printing dimensions of 3' (height) x 4' (width) for posters, but your poster may be a maximum of 4' x 4'. The posterboards are 4' (height) x 8' (width) and there will be one poster per board.

Talks:  Each speaker will have 10 minutes to give their presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions. 

Day of Conference: Remember to bring your device (e.g. laptop) for your talk, as well as your display adaptor for HDMI output from your device. Don't forget the power supply for your device.

Presentation Tips & Advice:

First time at a conference?  Unsure of what to present?  Undergraduate students at NOWCAM presenting non-Honours-thesis research typically present their work as a poster.  Undergraduates presenting on their Honours thesis typically present the work as a talk or poster.  Graduate students and post-docs typically present their research as either a talk or poster.  Students are also warmly welcome to participate without making a formal presentation.  Don't be shy!

Steve and Ira's sage words on asking and responding to questions.

Links to tips on preparing and presenting a poster:

     Basics of creating a poster with Powerpoint     

     Mike Morrison's radical proposal for effective posters

Links to tips on preparing and presenting a talk (paper):

     Dan Gilbert's tips on effective research presentations

     Nick Wheeler's Some Remarks Concerning the Presentation of Effective Scientific Talks

I believe that the authors of all of these things are happy to have them shared and used with attribution.