Bernstein lab - 2013

Bernstein lab - 2013

mapcurve.jpgThe aim of NOWCAM is to support Pacific Northwest faculty and student researchers working in the general area of memory and cognition by creating an annual venue in which they can share their current research activities with an informed, sympathetic, and good-humoured audience. With the exception of keynote addresses, NOWCAM favours papers and posters presented by students (usually with faculty as co-authors). This gives students an opportunity to develop their chops, and faculty a chance to sit back and relax.

The Pacific Northwest is home to numerous wide-flung psychology departments with strengths in cognition and memory. NOWCAM provides a forum for faculty and students from these departments to get together and discuss their latest research. Interactions with other researchers can spark innovations and cross-fertilizations that move the research forward in new and exciting ways. In any case, it's good fun to get together with friends and colleagues who share similar interests, chew the cognitive rag a bit, and quaff a beer or two over a good meal.


Congratulations to Prof. Peter Graf and his amazing team at UBC for running an extraordinary NOWCAM 2016 for May 13 and 14 at the University of British Columbia.  Heather Price was a smash hit as a keynote--which is pretty cool because I bet NOWCAM was one of the first places she gave a talk!  

Professors Deb Connolly, Mark Blair, and John MacDonald hosted NOWCAM 2017 at Simon Fraser University on May 12 and 13. The keynote speaker was our own Dr. Daniel M. Bernstein, Canada Research Chair in Psychology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. It was the best-attended NOWCAM ever, and the gala banquet was a stunning success.  Check out the awesome photos by Randy Hefelfinger.

Daniel Bernstein and Carla MacLean, both of Kwantlen, will be co-hosting next year's meeting on 10-12 May at Kwantlen's Richmond campus.  The amazing James W. Tanaka will deliver the keynote address, titled "“From Milliseconds to Decades: The Creation and Retrieval of Holistic Face Memories.” Not to be missed.

To subscribe to the NOWCAM mailing list (which will bring you periodic updates regarding NOWCAM meetings), please visit/subscribe at https://lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/nowcam_list You can also unsubscribe at that site at any time. Messages are few and far between.

Steve Lindsay is Grand Poo-bah Mother Hen of NOWCAM, and the Exalted Order of the Group of 7 ±2 consists of Deb Connolly (SFU), Daniel Bernstein (Kwantlen), Peter Graf (UBC), Ira Hyman (WWU), and Mike Masson (UVic). NOWCAM co-founder Don Read is Exalted Emeritus.

NOWCAM gratefully acknowledges financial support from Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, the University of Victoria, the University of Washington, and Western Washington University, and from generous anonymous donations by a number of individuals attending past NOWCAM conferences.  We also thank the Canadian Society for Brain, Behavioural, and Cognitive Science for a donation toward the cost of our 2011 meeting.

The first annual KiwiCAM was held in Wellington, New Zealand, in April of 2012.  Inspired by NOWCAM, KiwiCAM is a student-oriented conference for cognitive types in New Zealand.   KiwiCAM's Grand Poobah Mother Hen is Maryanne Garry.  The meeting was a great success.  Check out http://www.kiwicam.org/ .  KiwiCAM 2013 was hosted by the University of Otago in Dunedin, and the 2014 meeting was at the University of Aukland.