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Hosted by the UVic Department of Psychology

Hover your cursor over NOWCAM 2019 in the upper left and a drop-down menu will appear with options to preregister, book accommodations, etc.  You do not need to log in to use this site.

Submissions Dates: The submission portal is now closed.

Conference Dates/Events: There will be an informal social gathering on the evening of Thursday 9 May, and official conference events will run all day Friday 10 May and until mid-afternoon Saturday 11 May.

KEYNOTE:  Professor Ayanna Thomas of Tufts University will speak on Memory Reconstruction Does not Necessitate Memory Distortion: Learning to Evaluate Our Subjective States.

Pre-Conference Social: There will also be a no-host social event in downtown Victoria from 6pm on Thursday 9 May, w/ free appetizers. Location is uncertain.

Conference Dinner: There will be a Gala banquet held on May 10th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM in the Maple Room at the Sticky Wicket (919 Douglas St.), only $25 for students (19 or older).

Registration Date: Online registration will be open until May 7th.  Online Registration will be $25 for students and $40 for faculty.  In-person registration on the day of will be $30 for students and $45 for faculty.  We will only be accepting cash payments (CAD) for in-person registration.

ACCOMMODATIONS:   A range of options are listed in the dropdown menu.


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Thanks to the Canadian Society for Brain, Behavioural, and Cognitive Science for financial support.