NOWCAM 2020 Online Program is HERE


Hosted by NOWCAM co-founder Ira Hyman of the Western Washington University Department of Psychology

The spirit of NOWCAM is one of engaged, inclusive, positive support for folks interested in studying the human mind.We  kick off with a keynote address by Prof. Jason Chan (see below) and then have a full day of 27 brief research talks on Zoom, interspersed with a a trio of work-shops. Details including Zoom links in program.
KEYNOTE:  Jason C.K. Chan from 3:00 - 4:10 on Friday 25 Sept 2020  

Jason Chan photo

Changing the past and future with retrieval practice

Retrieval can boost retention of studied material (i.e., the testing effect). An emerging literature shows that retrieving previously studied material can also promote future learning of new material (i.e., the forward testing effect). I will introduce research on this phenomenon in the context of education and eyewitness memory. I will begin by discussing works that examine why retrieval promote future learning. I will then apply the understanding gained from this work to the context of eyewitness memory. Here, research has shown that performing a recall test (i.e., an eyewitness interview) can paradoxically increase a person's susceptibility to later presented misinformation. I will examine the conditions under which this retrieval-enhanced suggestibility effect occurs and what can be done to prevent it. More broadly, this research provides a window into understanding how retrieval affects retention (the past) and subsequent learning (the future). 

Saturday 26 September 

There will be 26 speed talks (5 min talk plus 3 min Q&A) -- see program for details -- and three concurrent Workshops:  

Bayesian Analysis of Experimental Data (Mike Masson)

Replicability and Transparency in Psychological Science (Daniela Palombo and Steve Lindsay)

Visualizing Data (Madison Elliott)


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