Videos of NOWCAM Keynotes

We didn’t get our act together to video keynotes until the 2012 meeting.  We could kick ourselves – such wonderful keynotes lost forever.  Henceforth we plan to collect them all.

NOWCAM 2012 (SFU) Keynote by Professor Pierre Jolicoeur (University of Montreal) on ‘Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Working Memory:  Some Selective Studies’

NOWCAM 2013 (KPU) Keynote by Dr. Adelle Diamond (University of British Columbia) on 'Leveraging what we've learned from Brain Research and Development to Help Every Child Succeed'

NOWCAM 2018 (KPU) Keynote by Dr. James Tanaka (University of Victoria): “From Milliseconds to Decades: The Creation and Retrieval of Holistic Face Memories.”