UVic Ocean Physics Group

About Us


Research in Ocean Physics offers a combination of intellectual challenge and relevance to society. The Earth’s rotation and the competing effects of salinity and temperature lead to counter-intuitive dynamical behaviour. Turbulent motions at scales of a few millimetres can influence circulation at scales of thousands of kilometres in ocean basins, with consequences for climate, resource utilisation, and the protection of the marine environment.

In the Ocean Physics Group our research focuses on small-scale processes in the deep and coastal ocean including internal waves, turbulence, tides, flow/topography interactions, surface waves, air-sea interactions, upper-ocean dynamics, double diffusion and hydraulic flow in straits. Recently, we have been investigating the physics of generating energy from the sea. We conduct collaborative research that includes seagoing observations, data analysis and theory. Our longterm goal is to better understand how these micro- to mesoscale processes work and to parameterize their effects on the larger-scale ocean circulation.

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Opportunities


Prospective graduate students with a background in physics or related disciplines may obtain an application package electronically from either SEOS or Physics. Direct communication with appropriate faculty is also recommended.

Prospective postdoctoral fellows should contact Dr. Klymak by email, or one of the adjunct professors.


Research projects are described on individual websites, linked here:

Faculty and Research Associates

Graduate Students

  • Mei Sato
  • Jeannette Berdard
  • Ryan Clauston
  • Emma Murrowinski
  • Di Wan

Support Staff

  • Rowan Fox

Adjunct Faculty

We work extensively with local adjunct faculty, including co-advising grad students. Adjuncts are primarily at IOS and CCCMA: Ed Carmack, Bill Crawford, Patrick Cummins, Ken Denman, Greg Flato, Howard Freeland, Michael Foreman, Rolf Lueck, Robie MacDonald, David Mackas, Richard Thomson, Svein Vagle

Recent Graduates

Reyna Jenkyns, Maxim Krassovski, Shani Rousseau, Wendy Wiggins Burkard Baschek, Keir Colbo, Frank Gerdes, Michael Ott, Tetjana Ross, Andrey Skvortsov, Steven Stringer, Elina Tragou, Konstantin Zahariev


Ryuichiro Inoue, Helen Johnson, Ming Li, Louis St. Laurent, Kate Stansfield, Amit Tandon, Mary-Louise Timmermans