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Updated: March 2015


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Recent Research Papers under Review

Loss Aversion and the Uniform Pricing Puzzle for Media and Entertainment Products  (with Javad Nasiry, 2015)

Unbundling Truthful Revelation when Auctioning Bundled Goods  (with Daniel Rondeau and Maurice Doyon, 2015)



Papers Accepted and Forthcoming:

What is the cost of retaining and attracting exceptional talents? Evidence from the Canada Research Chair program  (with John Sim) Canadian Journal of Economics

Do Fans Care about Compliance to Doping Regulations in Sports? The Impact of PED Suspension in Baseball   (with Jeffrey Cisyk)  Journal of Sports Economics

Simultaneous Allocation of Bundled Goods Through Auctions: Assessing the Case for Joint Bidding   (with Maurice Doyon and Daniel Rondeau) American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Sales, Quantity Surcharge, and Consumer Inattention.  (with Sofronis Clerides) Review of Economics and Statistics

Product Launches and Buying Frenzies: A DynamicPerspective  (with Javad Nasiry)  Production and Operations Management

Pricing Challenges in the Live Events industry: A Tale of Two Industries    Sport & Entertainment Review




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My work on ticket markets (joint with Mario Pagliero) was recently cited in the New York Times (June 4th 2013), NPR and the Wall Street Journal (August 11th 2013, B1, Ticketmaster Wants in on the Scalping Act)


My work on grocery shopping (joint with Sofronis Clerides) was cited in



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