Pascal Courty

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Working papers

Opaque Pricing  (with Wenyu Liu) 2013

Sales and Consumer Demand for Groceries.  (with Sofronis Clerides).  2010.

On the Sorting of Physicians across Medical Specialties: Understanding Shortages and Growth in Specialization, (with G. Marschke).  IZA Discussion Paper No. 3862.  NBER Working Paper 14502.


Book Chapters

What’s the right price? Three views on why firms price discriminate  (with Mario Pagliero) 2012.  Economics Writing, Forth Edition.  Edited by Stephen Hume and Bijan Ahmadi. Pearson.

The Pricing of Art and the Art of Pricing  (with Mario Pagliero) 2012 Forthcoming in the The Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture, Volume II, Editors: V. A. Ginsburgh and D. Throsby,