Peter Kennedy


Department of Economics

University of Victoria


Courses for the Current Academic Year

Fall 2022

Economics 313: Intermediate Microeconomics 2

Economics 500: Microeconomic Analysis

Economics 516: Cost-Benefit Analysis


Spring 2023

Economics 416: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Economics 481: Environmental Economics 2

Economics 531: Environmental Economics


Open Access Teaching Material

These materials may be accessed free-of-charge by any person, and they may be linked from any website provided that link is free-of-charge, but they may not be posted directly to any website other than this one.

Analytical Methods for Introductory Economics (A Review)

Constrained Optimization with Economic Examples (A Review)

Cost-Benefit Analysis (Course for Senior Undergraduates & MA Students)

Environmental Economics (Course for Senior Undergraduates & MA Students)

Microeconomic Theory (Text for MA Students)


Research Papers and Reports


The Adoption of Cleaner Household Technologies: When is Backfire Welfare-Improving?


But What Does it Mean? Competition Between Products Carrying Alternative Green Labels When Consumers are Active Acquirers of Information (with Anthony Heyes, Sandeep Kapur, Steve Martin and John Maxwell)


Welfare Effects of Adaptation to Climate Change: Results from a Calibrated Model (with Martin Farnham)


Cooperative Action on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Distribution of Global Output and Damage

Adapting to Climate Change: Equilibrium Welfare Effects for Large and Small Economies (with Martin Farnham)


The Relationship Between Income Growth and Emissions for a Transboundary Pollutant (with Emma Hutchinson)


Transboundary Pollution and the Selective Enforcement of Environmental Policy (with Emma Hutchinson)


Economic Incentives for a Healthy Diet: A Comparison of Policies in a Canadian Context

Simple Pricing Schemes for Pollution Control under Asymmetric Information (with Benoit Laplante and Dale Whittington)


Subsidies for the Production of Cleaner Energy: Do They Cause Emissions to Rise? (with Emma Hutchinson and Cristina Martinez)


State Enforcement of Federal Standards: Implications for Interstate Pollution (with Emma Hutchinson)


Economic Progress and Skill Obsolescence with Network Effects (with Ian King)


Optimal Early Action on Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Increasing Block Tariffs for Pricing Pollution: An Analytical Framework and Assessment (with Benoit Laplante and Dale Whittington)


Environmental Policy and Time Consistency: Emission Taxes vs. Emissions Trading (with Benoit Laplante)

Promoting Optimal Early Action on Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions: An Assessment of Alternative Measures


Learning About Environmental Damage: Implications for Emissions Trading

Urban Environmental Problems: The Role for Economic Instruments (with Elayne Yee)

Managing Biodiversity: Policy Issues and Challenges for Malaysia


Urban Environmental Problems and Policy Options for Developing Countries

Growth, Trade and the Environment


Production Externalities and the Efficiency of Parental Childcare Choices (with Linda Welling)


Performance Pay, Productivity and Morale


Word-of-Mouth Communication and Price as a Signal of Quality

Information Processing and Organization Design

Equilibrium Pollution Taxes in Open Economies with Imperfect Competition

Pollution Control: the Role for Publicly Provided Information (with Benoit Laplante and John Maxwell)

Environmental Policy and Trade Liberalization under Imperfect Competition

Stochastic Innovation and the Cost of Environmental Regulation (not available for download)


Relative Pay Effects in Models of the Labour Market

Bilingualism Reconsidered


Industry Structure and Compliance with Environmental Standards (with Dale Chua and Benoit Laplante)


The Market Provision of Club Goods in the Presence of Scale Economies