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This chapter is the first Psi Chi chapter in Canada, and our mandate is to provide our members with opportunities to earn grants and awards, connect with others who are involved in the psychological community, and get access to tips and resources that can help them study better and get accepted to grad school. Please explore our site to learn more about what Psi Chi is about, how to join, and why you can benefit by becoming a member.

New RA opportunity in the Lab of Dr. Jodie Gawryluk

New RA Opportunities!

Dr. Jodie Gawryluk's Lab

Positions available: 1 Paid RA position and volunteer RA positions

Lab Focus: The main focus for the research in this lab is neuroimaging of neuropsychological disorders using techniques such as fMRI and NIRS to study brain conditions such as Alzheimer's and recovery from brain injury

New RA Opportunity for Summer 2014

Principal Investigator: Reuven Sussmans



Get Involved With Psi Chi! - Executive Applications

Applications for executive positions in Psi Chi are open. We are currently seeking applicants for the following positions:

Treasurer/Grant Writer
Events Coordinator
Journal Coordinator
Social Media/Advertising
Webmaster/UP Coordinator

Attached is a description of each executive position and an application form.

Executive Position Description


The date for the Psychology Students of Vancouver Island Poster Session (PSOVIPS) has been announced. PSOVIPS will be held on Friday April 4th from 3-5pm in the Michele Pujol room (SUB A121).

PSOVIPS promotes public awareness of the current research going on at UVic, and gives students and opportunity to talk about their research.

Psychology 210 Jeopardy

Psi Chi will be hosting a jeopardy event for Psych 210 students to help them prepare for upcoming exams. The events will be from 6:30-7:30 on:

Feb 5
Feb 17
Mar 5
Mar 17

and will be hosted in Cornett B107.

Research Assistant - Dr. Danu Stinson

Social Psychology

1. Research assistants in our lab start out as volunteers. If everything is going well after they have volunteered for 50 hours, then they receive an honorarium and start getting paid minimum wage. From time to time we also have short-term paid positions available. Please email us at if interested in becoming a volunteer or acquiring a paid position.

2. Our research tends to focus on the following:
• How social situations reveal aspects of personality

Research Assistant - Dr. Steve Lindsay

Volunteer Position

Forensic Psychology

1. Volunteer Position
2. Act as a confederate in an eyewitness memory study.
3. Confederates need to be women with at least shoulder-length dark blond, or brown hair.
4. Minimum: 6 hours/week
5. The person needs to have some acting ability.
6. Please email stating your interest in obtaining a position as a volunteer confederate in this lab.

Research Assistant - Dr. Colette Smart

Volunteer Position/Work Study

Cognitive Neuropsychology

1. There are 1-2 volunteer RA positions available; there may be work study opportunities available with experience in the future
2. The main focus of the lab is studying self-regulation of attention, emotion, and awareness. We study this through focusing on the effects of meditation practice on brain-behaviour function, and how meditation impacts clinical populations with neurological impairments (ie. Older adults with cognitive decline)

Dr. Clay Holroyd

Cognitive/Computational Psychology

1. Volunteer RA position- demonstration of commitment can lead to further research opportunities (ie/PSYC 390)
2. We are a brainwave lab that studies cognitive control and reinforcement learning. More information can be found at
3. RAs would assist in conducting brainwave experiments. i.e./preparation of the equipment and participant for an EEG experiment and collecting data
4. Strong time-management skills and punctuality are essential. You will be trained in the lab

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