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This chapter is the first Psi Chi chapter in Canada, and our mandate is to provide our members with opportunities to connect with others involved in the psychological community, and further their academic and professional careers. Students in Psi Chi have increased access to research opportunities, grants, awards and events. Membership is lifetime, and we encourage anyone interested to peruse our website, or come to an open meeting! 




Great Student Research Opportunity

Research Course in Face and Object Recognition

Interested in getting involved in basic research in cognitive psychology research? Dr. Jim Tanaka is putting together an undergraduate research team (Psyc 492) focused on the cognitive processes and neural basis of object and face recognition. Students with strong  interests in human bio-psycholgy and a commitment to scientific research are encouraged to enrol.  2nd and 3rd year students who have taken Research Methods (Psyc 201) are eligible. The course meets once a week on Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:25 PM.  Registration for the course is limited to 8-10 students and by instructor consent. If you would like to know more about the course, please email Prof. Jim Tanaka:




Psi Chi in the Community



Psi Chi Execs judged the Psychology Division of the VIRSF May 10th. Threee awards were given out for the projects that displayed above expected level of research design, clear understanding and presentation of research, and a creative/ novel or applicable design.


Capital Physician's Group:

Several Psi Chi members are working with CPG to provide harm reduction and first aid services throughout the year. Many thanks to the organizers of CPG for this opportunity to learn hands on skills and gain invaluable field experience! 




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