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There’s an authenticity to Jessie’s voice when she’s dealing with her peers or reflecting upon her family experiences…the interviews are compelling (Hughes’ response about her depression is both sensitive and interesting), the science is appealing (the metaphor used to explain diabetes is concrete and accessible), and the multiple approaches give this multiple audiences. The black and white art that breaks up most spreads brings an amusing note of cartoonish exaggeration. Comic book fans, science geeks, history buffs, and fans of realistic fiction may all find a piece of this to enjoy, and Jessie’s cheerful narration is enjoyable throughout.
Kate Quealy-Gainer, The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
Project Superhero is a faux diary fiction/non-fiction hybrid about comic book superheroes, but without any comics…Intrigued? You should be. Jessie, a 13-year old comics nerd, is overjoyed with her eighth-grade class’ year-long project on superheroes—the Superhero Slam…Jessie comes across as enthusiastically interested in everything, which wouldn’t be particularly believable in a standard novel, but works in the particular context of this book. The illustrations throughout are wonderful and full of life and fun.
Laura Shtern, Canadian Children’s Book News
Pearn’s commercial comics illustration style, with wide-eyed characters and plenty of motion, is perfectly suited to the subject matter…
Shannon Ozirny, Quill & Quire
…an enjoyable journey where Jessie must confront her own fears and insecurities while discovering what makes regular people heroes. Jessie is a delightfully engaging 13-year-old with unending curiosity and humour. The novel is told in diary form with language that rings true to the ear and allows the reader to hear Jessie’s inner thoughts, fears and joys. Lively and detailed black and white illustrations by Kris Pearn are abundantly woven throughout, greatly complementing the action. Preteens are sure to enjoy Project Superhero and be motivated to learn along with Jessie.
4/4 Stars, Highly Recommended by Chris Laurie, Winnipeg Public Library
In diary format, Jessie chronicles her diligent research and attempts at self-improvement. While the journal entries convey Jessie’s enthusiasm, they also reveal her insecurities. Pearn’s illustrations further illuminate Jessie’s personality, capturing her inquisitiveness and determination and comically portraying her efforts with zing. Through Jessie’s investigations and discoveries, Zehr provides information on a variety of topics: pioneering women, martial arts, scientific and technological advancements, nutrition and comic-book lore…Jessie enters the final debate with a newfound wisdom gleaned from her endeavors. Readers should readily respond to Jessie’s mission of self-improvement.”
From Kirkus Reviews
In Project Superhero, E. Paul Zehr and Kris Pearn combine science facts, lively illustrations, and comic-book trivia to tell the story of a young girl who discovers her own super talents.
49th Shelf “One of the most anticipated Fall 2014 Kids’ Books”
There is a lot to like in this hybrid novel, notably the lively illustrations by veteran animator Pearn…Recommended for larger collections and those with highly circulating graphic novel collections.
Angie Manfredi, Los Alamos County Library System, NM for the School Library Review Journal
The clever scientific facts Zehr weaves into his story alongside actual correspondence from fan-favorite, Kelly Sue DeConnick along with other exceptional women of note (Olympians Clara Hughes and Hayley Wickenheiser to name a few) add a unique twist to this "feel good" story.
Forrest C. Helvie,

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