Author - E. Paul Zehr

 A lot of the time I am either studying about or actually doing movement. And thinking about how movements can be rehabilitated or amplified. I study how the brain and spinal cord work to control arm and leg movements during walking and how this can be used to help improve walking after stroke and spinal cord injury. These things were the focus of my MSc degree in kinesiology and my PhD in neuroscience.

My main physical activity is training in the martial arts of karate and Okinawan weapons, in which I hold advanced black belt ranks. Martial arts are what got me into science.

Actually, I have been interested--amazed actually--by these kinds of things since my childhood watching ABC TV’s “Six Million Dollar Man”. It was around that same time, too, that Iron Man captured my interest. I was captivated by the idea of such a powerful and fantastic suit of armor and loved reading Iron Man and the Avengers to see it in action.

At that time I didn’t think too deeply about what that suit of armor would mean for the human inside the suit. You probably don’t have an Iron Man suit at hand, but considering what it would mean to use an Iron Man suit can tell us a lot about it means to use your own human body.

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Cover - Author of Becoming Batman
Cover - Author of Becoming Batman
Cover - Author of Becoming Batman
Cover - Author of Becoming Batman