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Back in the sixties, when I first dreamed up the concept of Iron Man, I thought, 'What if a man had a suit of armor, like the knights of old -- but modern armor that housed all sorts of miniaturized, technical weaponry? Such a man would seem to be the ultimate superhero.' At first, I didn't give much thought to what that suit of armor might mean to the man inside -- how it might affect his body and/or his brain and subtly blur the line between human and machine. But now, almost 40 years later, E. Paul Zehr has tackled that very subject. Inventing Iron Man is his fascinating vision of the real life implications of my original concept.
Stan Lee, comic icon and creator of Iron Man
E. Paul Zehr, surely one of the coolest of professors, has done something interesting, enlightening, and maybe just a bit quixotic; he has built a bridge between the fantasy science of superhero comics and the eyes-front innovations of real-life technological innovators. It is a primer on what's possible now and what might soon become possible in our world, and what Iron Man's been up to in his.
Dennis O'Neil, Iron Man writer and editor
This wonderful book lays out... the only true way to see the Iron Man -- as a prosthesis... a book that educates and delights. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
from the foreword by Warren Ellis

"...Zehr tells his story... in a conversational tone that involves both the author and reader in the dialogue.  It is a fast and fascinating read.  I read the 180 page book in a single sitting."

"...the reader receives a broad education in the limits of science and the limits we ourselves have when we try to bend technology to our own uses...with a greater appreciation of all the different challenges inventors face when they try to conquer real-life problems such as amputation and brain injury..."

"Like a true costumed hero, Zehr masks learning in the guise of pop culture enthusiasm... a perfect source to learn about the history of Iron Man and the strength and limits of the human body and brain."

"Zehr's university-based research includes neuroplasticity, akin to neural rewiring, associated with exercise training and rehabilitation. This expertise, combined with Zehr's childlike curiosity and proficiency in martial arts, makes Inventing Iron Man—along with Becoming Batman before it—a fascinating exploration of human potential."

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