Human Potential

Inventing Iron Man: Where is the line between human and machine? Presented at the San Diego International Comic-Con, 2011.

Brains, Bones, and Batman. Keynote Lecture given at the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Annual Conference 2011, Victoria, BC.

Becoming Batman: Let's take "just do it" to a whole new level.Presented to the Innovation and Discovery teams at Nike Sports Research Lab, Beaverton, Oregon, 2011.

Becoming Batman: Is there a superhero in you? Exploring the science of stress, exercise and injury in the life of the Caped Crusader. Presented at the Kinesiology seminar, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, 2010.

From Claude Bernard to the Batcave and beyond: using the life of the caped crusader to explore the integrative physiology of stress, exercise and injury. Invited speaker in session “Helping Students Put the Pieces Together: Fostering Integrative Learning of Physiology” presented at Experimental Biology 2010 in Anaheim California.

Can Batman teach biology? presented as part of the session “Comics in the Classroom” at the 41st San Diego International Comic-Con.





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2012 TEDx Edmonton

Science of Hollywood Superheroes

Inventing Iron Man