About the Centre

The British Columbia Inter-university Research Data Centre (BCIRDC) is a network of research facilities
located at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia (Vancouver and Okanagan), the
University of Victoria, and the University of Northern British Columbia. The Canadian Foundation for
Innovation and the BC Knowledge Development Fund provided support for the establishment of the BCIRDC,
and operating support is now provided by each university, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research
Council, and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

University of Victoria Branch

The University of Victoria (UVic) Branch was opened in the summer of 2006. In addition to grant
support, capital funding was provided by the Office of the Provost. Operating costs are underwritten
by an annual fixed contribution by the Vice-President (Research) and the remaining costs
are allocated across faculties based on branch use. Currently the following faculties contribute
to the operation of the UVic Branch: Social Science, Business, and Education. The UVic branch centre facilitates direct researcher access to confidential Statistics Canada microdata
files. As with all RDCs, data must be analyzed within the centre and any results intended for outside use
must be reviewed and released by a Statistics Canada Analyst. Printing and paper file storage are
available on site. More information about the site and the specifics of data access are provided
during an initial orientation.

Survey Data

The BCIRDC provides access, for approved projects, to a growing variety Statistics Canada confidential
microdata household, population and workplace files, including: Census Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) General Social Survey (GSS) Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada (LSIC) National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY) Ethnic Diversity Survey (EDS) National Population Health Survey (NPHS) Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID) Workplace and Employee Survey (WES) Youth in Transition Survey and the Programme for International Student Assessments (YITS-PISA) Please visit the Canadian Research Data Centre Network website for a complete list of available data sets.


The UVic branch has 5 workstations with dual monitors for researchers to use. All workstations currently
have Windows 10 installed.

Analysis & Software

The University of Victoria facility houses a closed local area network that connects to a server at UBC
that hosts all project files and survey data. There are presently five user workstations in the centre.
Workstations have the following statistical software in addition to MS Office applications: - SAS (v. 9.3) - Stata (v. 15 SE and 15 MP4) - SPSS (v. 24) - R - ArcGIS Additional software will be acquired as resources permit when there is a demonstrated need.