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Members of the Reimchen Lab



Kylie Milne- Honours (2021-2022)

          Ecological adaptation to novel niche space in colonizing fish
Amedeo Cortese- Directed Studies (2021-2022)

          Above surface image fragmentation through Snell's window
Emma van Tonder- Honours (2021-2022)
          Trophic and morphological responses of stickleback to an invasive amphibian

  Jessica Holden- Honours (2021-2022)

          Littorine adaptations to an invasive fucoid


                 Nicholas Planidin - MSc (2018-2021)

          Lateral plate neuromasts in Gasterosteus
Dr.  Kieran Cox-   Collaboration (2018-2021)

          Hue and ecological complexity in coral reefs
       Dan Hunter - Honours Thesis (2018-2019)

          Behavioural responses of salmon to coat color morphs of black bear

       Nathan Brown - Directed Studies (2018-2019)

          Nostril laterality to experimental scents in canids

      Mackenzie Woods (Directed Study (2017-2018)

              Coral reef fish ecology

      Jakob Eggenberger - MSc Research Project, University of Basel (2018-2019)
          Experimental testing of proposed foraging advantages of
              white Kermode bears (Ursus americanus kermodei)

Past Members 

Dr. Estelle Arbellay, Post-doctoral Fellow (2018-2019)

      Tree rings and marine subsidies in old growth watersheds of coastal British Columbia  
Dr. David Marques, Post-doctoral Fellow (2016-2017)

       Genomics of Haida Gwaii stickleback     

Kim Tenhunen,  Directed Study, Laboratory assistant (2015-17)

      Histology and 3-D internal structure of stickleback spines-

Olga Mosca,  Honours (2015-16)

        Intrapopulation  trends in SNPs, morphology and isotopes in a spine polymorphism
          of stickleback

Alexander Hoffman, Honours (2015-16)

        Auditory laterality in canids

Debra Wertman, Honours student (2015-16)

         Ultrastructure of defense armour in threespine stickleback

Quinn  Blowen,  Directed Study

           Recent temporal trends in morphology of the Queen Charlotte Island Unarmoured

Jennifer Lowe, USRA,  Directed Study

      Trophic niche differentiation in new colonists

Kieran Cox,  Directed Study (2014-15) 

        Temperature preference experiments of vertebral phenotypes in Gasterosteus

Caroline Fox, Ph.D.  (2010-2014)

Marine-terrestrial nutrient linkages for Pacific Herring

Bryce Jones, Directed Study

          Pelvic spine growth annuli in stickleback with extended longevity

Jeff MacAdams, Directed Study

       Sex and population differences in procurrent ray asymmetries of the caudal fin in Gasterosteus

Mark Hansen, Directed studies student

Approach behaviour of off-leash dogs to a realistic canid model with ear cropping (video clip)

Dawn Steeves, Honours student (2012)

Stable isotope signatures and sexual dimorphism in stickleback

Torrance J. Oravec,  Honours student(2012)

Taphonomic and evolutionary implications of a life and death assemblage in threespine stickleback

Samuel T. Foster,  Honours  student(2012)

Monitoring an Ecological Reserve for temporal change in seasonal avian community structure

Dr. Bruce Deagle,  Post-doctoral Fellow (2009-2011)

Genetic structure and history of Haida Gwaii stickleback populations 

using genome-wide SNP data

 Steven Leaver, M.Sc. (2010)

Tail length in dogs: application of robotic models for behavioural analyses

Abrupt changes in morphology of the Giant threespine stickleback following colonization to a vacant habitat

Samantha Gambling,  Honours Student (2011)

Extended longevity in endemic populations of  Gasterosteus

  Lisa Dumoulin,  Summer NSERC (2009)

  Responses of canids to asymmetric tail wagging in a robotic canid

   Kyle Artelle,  Summer NSERC (2008),   Laterality in canids



 Chris Darimont, Ph.D. 2006

Seasonal marine nutrient subsidies to terrestrial predator-prey systems 

on the B.C. central coast (summary)     http://people.geog.uvic.ca/Darimont     darimont@uvic.ca



Mark Spoljaric, M.Sc. 2006

Body shape ecology and geometric morphometrics of threespine stickleback from Haida Gwaii



Katie Christie, M.Sc. 2005

Associations between song birds and spawning salmon on the BC central coast



Morgan Hocking, Ph.D.  (2006)

Ecosystem interdependence as exemplified by salmon nutrient subsidies to terrestrial

invertebrate food webs 



Dan Klinka, M.Sc. (2004)

Diurnal and nocturnal foraging of black and white (Kermode) bears from BC central coast



Nicola Temple, M.Sc. (2003)

Hydrodynamic and sensory function of the adipose fin in salmonids




Carolyn Bergstrom, Ph.D. 2002 and Post-doctoral Fellow 2008

 Geographical variation of defense asymmetry in stickleback on Haida Gwaii.



Patrik Nosil, Directed Studies Student

Tarsal asymmetry, nutritional condition and survival in water boatmen

Adaptive radiation of insular populations of Gasterosteus from BC



Travis Ingram, Honours Student (2004)

Individual niche and stable isotope analyses of armour phenotypes in Gasterosteus



Chad Wilkinson, Honours Student (2002)

Bryophytes of the Salmon Forest



Brad Gemmel, Directed Studies Student, 2006

Correlations between coral species and fish species diversity



Other Collaboration


 Dr. John Taylor, Univ. Victoria

Opsin variation in Neanderthal and Gasterosteus



Dr.  Inigo Novales Flamarique, SFU

Visual processes in dystrophic stickleback


Dr. John Nelson,  Univ. Victoria

Microsatellite analyses of Sitka Deer colonization in Gwaii Haanas, BC

Dr. Johnny Buckland-Nicks, Dept Biology, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia

a) Atypical dinoflagellate associations in Gasterosteus  b) Neuroanatomy of the adipose fin in salmonids


Dr. G. E. E. Moodie, Univ. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Stable isotope analyses of trophic niche among symmetric and asymmetric pectoral fin phenotypes in Culaea


Dr. David Kingsley, Stanford Genome Evolution Center, Stanford University, CA

Genetic architecture of  Gasterosteus from Haida Gwaii



Dr. Barry Glickman,  Univ. Victoria 

  Dendrochronology and stable isotopes in seabird colonies