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FISH 3.1 is a computer program designed by University of Victoria professor Robert Gifford and programmed by Jonas Gifford for studying the resource management behavior of individuals and small groups. It is useful for studies often called commons dilemmas, resource dilemmas, social dilemmas, or social traps. FISH 3.1 can be run with all human fishers (any number at one time), or with one human fisher and any number of computer fishers. It is written entirely in Java 1.1 and is portable to any Java-enabled platform.


FISH 3.1 supports a fully networked and interactive environment. Any number of oceans can be managed by one server program, and any number of participants from anywhere on the internet from any mixture of Java-enabled platforms can share these oceans and fish in real time.

Specifically, FISH 3.1 allows the study's investigator to define:

Screen Shots

Click here for some screen shots of the application.


Copies are available by special request to Dr. Gifford. Send him email at to request a copy. Distribution packages are available for both Microsoft and Sun virtual machines. Consult the manual for details on these choices.


See the manual for detailed documentation.

Questions or Comments

Questions or comments about the program's concept and design should be directed to Dr. Gifford (at Questions about the software implementation and usage should be directed to Jonas Gifford (at