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Chemical Oceanography, undergraduate level (EOS 312, Summer 2007-2012)
Understanding the Oceans (EOS 350, Fall 2011-12) co-taught with John Dower
Oceans and Atmosphere (EOS 110, Fall 2009, 2011-12) 2009 co-taught with Kim Juniper, 2011-2012 co-taught with Diana Varela
Geochemical Modelling, graduate level (EOS 504D, Fall 2012)
Chemical Oceanography, graduate level (EOS 504A, Fall 2007, 2009, 2011) 2007 & 2011 co-taught with Jay Cullen

Understanding the World's Oceans (EOS 350, Fall 2006-09) co-taught with John Dower
Isotopes in Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS 430/537, Fall 2006)

Biogeochemistry of the Coastal Margin (SIO269, Fall 2004)
North Pacific Nutrient Transport: Questions and Controversies (SIO269, Spring 2004)