New Position

From January 2019, I will start an assistant professorship in School of Earth and Ocean Sciences (SEOS) at University of Victoria, Canada, and will be looking for graduate students. You may need to raise fund for your salary, but scholarships can be applied from UVic. Check theĀ application requirement and process of UVic and SEOS. Interested students or postdocs from China may also consider applying for doctoral or postdoctoral scholarships from CSC.

If you like field work, lab experiment, or coding, contact me to discuss potential projects. I encourage applications from students with strong quantitative skills and experiences in applying computational methods, but all interesting research proposals are welcome. My current preferred field sites are the Coast Mountains in British Columbia and the Chinese Tian Shan. However, your study will not be restricted to these regions, as long as we can work out a feasible working plan. In addition to the support from myself, the student can also benefit from the breadth of research expertise in SEOS, Department of Geography, and the Pacific Geoscience Centre, Geological Survey of Canada. If your interested research requires facilities not available at UVic, we can also seek collaboration with other Canadian or International institutions. To receive full consideration for starting in the fall semester, Canadian students are required to submit application packages before May 31, and international students need to apply by December 15 in the previous year.