PhD student wanted!

I am looking for a PhD student to work on a project investigating the erosion, sediment transport, and deposition processes in Tian Shan, China. The project will be based on applications of cosmogenic nuclide dating, provenance analysis of detrital grains, statistical models, and landscape evolution models. Interested students with a Master’s degree and/or research experience in geomorphology or geology are invited to contact me for details. Students in other fields (math, physics, etc.) with quantitative data analysis skills and strong interests in geoscience are also encouraged to get in touch.

Due to the current restrictions for travelling to China (for field work and sample analysis), at the moment only Chinese nationals or students currently in China are considered. Once the restrictions are lifted, all applicants will be considered. However, if you are not in/from China but have other ideas (modelling based project is preferred) to explore, get in touch and we may able to find a way to support you!