Lab Team

Katie Dragert

\"\\"katie\\"\"Katie is a research assistant in the Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory, and is involved with various ongoing motor control projects. She began graduate studies at UVic under the supervision of Dr. Zehr in 2005, and fast-tracked to the PhD program in 2009. Her research focus is on reflex plasticity associated with movement and exercise training.

Her current work is in the area of lower leg spinal reflex modulation associated with targeted resistance training at the ankle. She has studied healthy participants, and is currently exploring the effects of this
training in a post-stroke clinical group.

When not in the lab, Katie is a member of an outrigger paddling club and competes in long distance races throughout the year. She enjoys cycling and outdoor pursuits in the comfortable Victoria climate. She is also an aspiring apiarist, and has two honeybee hives in her backyard.