Ryan Nast - Major Assignment
UVIC HIST455 (F01) - Dr. Andrew Rippin

The trait of validating historical figures is a commonality shared by all of the world’s major religions. In Islam this is no different; the historical Prophets and Spirits linked to the religion are integral to the confirmation of its foundations.

The existence of Prophets and Spirits’ within the Islamic faith perform various functions: 1) they confirm the existence of the one true God due to their intimate interaction with him; 2) likewise, the interaction between Prophets and Spirits confirm the existence of each other; 3) they confirm the Prophetic lineage from which Muhammad descends (from Adam, through Noah, Abraham, and Ishmael), and, therefore, his direct connection with the Prophetic Seed which God has placed on earth in the loins of the ‘select’ (Not all of the Prophets involved in Islam are linked to Muhammad, however, there is no rule that this must be the case); 4) the stories surrounding each Prophet and Spirit display moral codes, the actions of God, and the manifestation of God’s grace in mankind; 5) furthermore; the manifestation of God’s Angels and the Jinn help contextualize mankind’s existence in a realm greater than themselves: the universe of God.

The purpose of this website is to offer a brief examination of the most significant Prophets and Spirits of Islam. The choices made regarding content for this site were based on historical significance and relevance to present-day Islam, the briefness of the time-frame in which this site was produced, and the tutelage of Dr. Andrew Rippin – to whom I am grateful for his help.

Within each sub-page you will find a brief description of the Prophets and Spirits of Islam, which were compiled from Jan Knappert’s Islamic Legends: Histories of the Heroes, Saints and Prophets of Islam, Muhammad Zafrulla Khan's 1970 translation of The Qur'an from Arabic to English, and from Dr. Rippin’s lectures in UVIC History 455 F01-2002.

Each sub-page contains links to what The Qur’an directly mentions in regards to these Prophets and Spirits. In addition, I encourage you to freely peruse the bibliography and reference page, and the link containing examples of Islamic imagery.

To investigate further please choose one of the following:

1) Iblis 4) Noah 7) David
2) Gabriel 5) Abraham 8) Jesus
3) Adam 6) Ishmael 9) Muhammad

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