Abraham: What The Qur'an Says
What The Qur'an
also says about:
[The following are but a few of the many prominent excerpts concerning the Prophet Abraham.]

"Call to mind also, when his Lord tried Abraham with certain commands which he fulfilled, and his Lord said: I shall make thee a leader of men. Abraham asked: And from my offspring also? to which his Lord replied: Indeed, but My covenant will not embrace the transgressors."
- Chapter 2, Verse 125

"Call to mind also, when Abraham prayed: My Lord, make this city inviolate, and provide such of its dwellers as believe in Allah and the Last Day with all varieties of fruit. His Lord responded: So shall it be, and on him too who believes not I shall bestow benefits for a short while; then will I drive him to the punishment of the Fire, and an evil destination it is. Call to mind also when Abraham raised the foundations of the House and also Ishmael, and they prayed: Our Lord... make of our offspring a people submissive to Thee. Teach us our appropriate ways of worship, and turn to us in mercy... Our Lord, raise up from among them a Messenger who may recite to them the Book and Wisdom and may purify them. Surely, Thou art the Mighty and the Wise."
- Chapter 2, Verses 126-30

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