Ishmael: What The Qur'an Says
What The Qur'an
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[The following are but two of the prominent excerpts concerning the Prophet Ishmael.]

"Recite the account of Ishmael according to this Book. He was indeed always true to his promise and was a Messenger and a Prophet. He exhorted his people to Prayer and almsgiving, and was well liked by his Lord.
- Chapter 19, Verses 55-6

"Abraham said: I am going to my Lord. He will surely guide me. He prayed: Lord, grant me a righteous progeny. So We gave him glad tidings of a gentle son. When the boy began to run about with him, Abraham said to him: Son, I have seen in my dream that I am slaughtering thee. So consider what thou thinkest of it. The boy replied: Father do what thou art commanded; thou wilt find me, if Allah please, steadfast. When both were ready to submit to Allah's will, and he had thrown him down on his forehead, We called to him: Abraham, thou hast indeed fulfilled the dream. Thus do We reward those who do their duty to the utmost. That was surely a manifest trial. We ransomed the boy with great sacrifice, and We preserved for Abraham a good name in succeeding generations. Peace be upon Abraham."
- Chapter 23, Verses 100-114

"Call to mind when Abraham prayed: My Lord, make this city inviolate, and keep me and my children away from the worship of idols. My Lord, they have indeed led astray large numbers of people... Our Lord, I have settled some of my progeny in a barren valley near Thy Sacred House, that they may be grateful... All Praise belongs to Allah Who has bestowed upon me, despite my old age, Ishmael and Isaac. Surely My Lord is the Hearer of prayer." - Chapter 14, Verses 36-42

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